Kamagra 100mg pill online

Kamagra (kamagra) is an analogue of the drug Viagra.The active ingredient is sildenafil citrate, as well as in viagra, it is used to increase the potency of Kamagra Gel is a liquid (jelly-like) form with various pleasant flavors: strawberry, apple or banana flavor, as well as a fast start time after ingestion (2 times faster than its analogue in tablets). You can, by purchasing in our online store, take Kamagra Gel anywhere and at any time, without dissolving and without drinking water, and also, if desired, you can dissolve Kamagra Gel in a soft drink (dissolving in water, juice, non-alcoholic cocktail). There is no need to take pills, as many people experience problems or discomfort when taking the tablet form of medications. Kamagra gel contains sildenafil, so it is characterized by limitations and contraindications inherent in all drugs of this group (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra).Kamagra (tablets, 100 mg): instructions for use, indications. 
Full description (Kamagra (tablets, 100 mg)): application, composition, dosage, indications, contraindications, side effects.


Tablets are green, diamond-shaped, film-coated, with the engraving "ar" on one side and "KGR 50" on the other, length from 11.4 to 11.6 mm, width from 8.3 to 8.5 mm (for a dosage of 50 mg).
Tablets are green, diamond-shaped, film-coated, with the engraving "ar" on one side and "KGR 100" on the other, length from 14.2 to 14.4 mm, width from 10.2 to 10.4 mm (for a dosage of 100 mg).

Pharmacotherapeutic group

Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil.

The pharmacokinetics of sildenafil depends on the dose. After ingestion of the drug, sildenafil is rapidly absorbed. Absolute bioavailability, on average, is 41%. After taking the drug on an empty stomach, the Cmax is reached within 30 minutes. When taking sildenafil in combination with fatty foods, the absorption rate decreases; Tmax increases by 60 minutes, and Cmax decreases by an average of 29%. Sildenafil is 96% bound to plasma proteins. Protein binding does not depend on the total concentration of sildenafil. Sildenafil is metabolized in the liver. The main circulating metabolite undergoes further metabolism. In terms of selectivity of action, the metabolite is comparable to sildenafil, and its in vitro activity is approximately 50% of the activity of sildenafil itself. The concentration of the metabolite in plasma is approximately 40% of the concentration of sildenafil. Terminal T12 is about 4 hours.
After oral or intravenous administration, sildenafil is excreted as metabolites, mainly with feces (about 80%) and to a lesser extent with urine (about 13%).


Kamagra is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate is a potent and selective inhibitor of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). The physiological mechanism of penile erection involves the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the cavernous body during sexual stimulation.
Nitric oxide activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which leads to an increase in the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous body and increased blood flow in the penis. During sexual arousal, the local release of NO under the influence of sildenafil leads to the suppression of PDE5 and an increase in the level of cGMP in the cavernous body, resulting in relaxation of smooth muscles and increased blood flow in the cavernous body. The use of sildenafil in the recommended doses is ineffective in the absence of sexual stimulation.

Kamagra has no effect on visual acuity, sensitivity to contrast, intraocular pressure or pupil diameter.
The drug in a dose of 100 mg does not affect the motor activity or morphology of spermatozoa when taken once.

Toxicological characteristics of the drug

The drug refers to practically non-toxic substances. It does not have a local irritating effect. It does not have teratogenic and embryotoxic effects, does not have immunotoxic and sensitizing effects.

Indications for use

  • erectile dysfunction characterized by the inability to
  • achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse.
  • Kamagra is effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation.
  • Method of administration and dosage
  • To avoid complications, use strictly as prescribed by a doctor!

Kamagra should be taken as needed approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. The recommended dose of the drug is 50 mg and is taken before meals.
Based on the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug, its dose can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg.
The maximum recommended dose of the drug is 100 mg.
The maximum recommended frequency of taking the drug is 1 time per day.

Kidney failure

With mild to moderate renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance 30-80 ml / min), correction of the recommended dose is not required.
Due to the fact that in patients with severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance < 30 ml / min), sildenafil clearance is reduced, it is necessary in such cases to reduce the dose to 25 mg.

Liver failure

In patients with liver failure, the dose of Kamagra can be reduced to 25 mg.

Elderly patients

In elderly patients, dose adjustment is not required.

Children's patients

Kamagra is not indicated for use in patients under the age of 18.

Use in patients taking other medications

When combined with ritonavir, the maximum single dose of the drug should be 25 mg, no more than 1 time for 48 hours.
When used in combination with cytochrome P450 3A4 inhibitors (such as erythromycin, saquinavir, ketoconazole, itraconazole), the initial dose of the drug is 25 mg